DS Smith support for HYPAR Kayak

   Thanks for DS Smith Plastics France for decisive  support of HYPAR kayak project!

 The HYPAR Kayak project has received generous help and support from one of the most experienced and most innovative European plastics corporations – DS Smith Plastics, France.

   Many of the unique properties and qualities of the HYPAR Kayak are derived from the advanced extruded polypropylene employed to fabricate the prototypes that were tested in our design and development process.  We are very excited to announce that DS Smith, a leading corrugated plastics manufacturer, has agreed to work together with the HYPAR Kayak project by introducing a custom Akyboard™ polypropylene material which shall be specifically adapted for marine conditions and the unique design aspects of the HYPAR Kayak.

   DS Smith also share technical and engineering knowledge pertinent to the project, in order to improve the quality of the final HYPAR Kayak product during production.  This partnership in material technology, design and production shall ensure that we are delivering the best possible design to our international supporters and the general market.
  Many thanks to all members of the DS Smith team. 


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