We reached 100% of our Indiegogo campaign!

Great news!
What a rocket start, we reached our goal within 20hours! Our first batch (Hypar Smart Boat for early Birds) is completely gone, that allowed us to offer a second discounted batch (Hypar Smart Boat for $700). Hurry up, there won't be that many!




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  • Tim Pollard

    Guys! Give people some buying options!!! You seem like you’re really into your technology….. but not really into Sales. When and where can this be bought? What about the US? what price? WHY NO PRE-ORDER OPTION?!?, you could raise a huge amount of free money with preorders….

  • jan

    When will these be in production? Any chance of getting one in the US?


  • Louise

    I wish you’d put a link on here to the campaign- even if it’s over now.

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